Do Solar Panels Increase Home Values in Calgary?
February 10, 2024

Do Solar Panels Increase Home Values in Calgary?

Do Solar Panels Increase Home Value in Calgary?

Solar panels are a great way to improve energy efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint, but how do they impact your home's resale value? Whether you are trying to skyrocket the value of your home or simply curious about the added value of solar panels, each panel you install has an impact.

But how much value does a solar panel system add, especially compared to the initial costs?

Does Installing Solar Panels Raise Property Value?

Solar panels are inherently useful. Good solar energy systems and solar batteries can lead to lower energy bills, allow you to store energy more effectively, and can even let you sell off excess energy for some extra money. They also use electricity, meaning that you rely on fossil fuels a lot less.

These are all desirable things and generally mean that homes with solar panels installed can fetch a higher market value. But does this significantly increase your property's sale prices?

How Much Value Does A Solar Panel System Add?

While the exact numbers vary based on several factors, it is estimated that solar panels add 3-4% value to your home at a minimum - sometimes far more than that. This makes solar installations great for both reducing utility bills and electricity bills alongside increasing your property values overall.

Potential buyers can significantly reduce their energy costs by buying homes with a solar panel installation, and are skipping the installation process by doing so. This makes an existing solar energy system a great selling point for many buyers and something that homeowners can capitalize on.

Are Solar Panel Installations in Calgary Worth It For The Property Value?

If you are looking to sell your home in the future, then installing new solar panel systems might be a good way to boost its value. While the upfront cost may be high for larger-scale installation work, many homeowners are willing to make that investment. Multiple studies have shown that potential new homeowners will be more willing to pay a higher initial cost for a home that offers reduced energy consumption (or built-in energy generation). More than a third of buyers value these systems enough to pay more for them.

If a household consumes less energy, it can often be worth more overall, especially due to the future savings it will offer.

Common Misconceptions About Solar Power and Property Value

Solar power systems are fantastic, but many people do not know enough about solar installation systems to understand the specifics. If you want a solar energy system that acts as an investment, then it is important to get the right solar system setup installed.

Solar Panels Are Not Inherently Valuable

Solar energy installations are only worthwhile if they actually produce solar electricity. Sun exposure (how much sunlight the panel gets) dictates the power output, meaning that you need to take into account factors like roof positioning, sunlight angles, and whether or not anything could be blocking it.

Solar Energy Is Only Good For Energy Prices

While the sun's energy definitely helps with savings, it can also sometimes both earn and save money at the same time. Excess energy production allows you to sell energy for profit, meaning that enough roof panels can actually start converting sunlight into profit.

Solar Panels are Limiting

Installing solar systems does not limit you to only solar energy. From hybrid systems to simply using panels as supplementary energy, they do not stop you from using normal sources of energy if you need to.

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