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Calgary Solar Panels

We Remove The Fluff & Pass The Cost Saving Onto You!

Experience a transformative shift in energy with our solar panels in Calgary, delivering a host of benefits for homes and businesses. Harnessing abundant sunlight, our panels offer a dual advantage—environmental sustainability and significant cost savings. By generating clean, renewable energy, users witness a remarkable reduction in monthly bills, further amplified by government incentives. Beyond financial gains, solar power fosters energy independence, insulating against market fluctuations. Our cutting-edge technology ensures efficiency and durability, positioning users at the forefront of renewable energy innovation

Why EverSolar is the Most Affordable Solar Company in Calgary:

1. Direct-to-Customer Savings: We eliminate the need for salespeople knocking on your door, saving on their commissions and overhead costs. By removing intermediaries, we pass those savings directly to you, ensuring a more affordable solar solution.

2. No Markup on Usage: Unlike some companies, we don't inflate the cost per kilowatt. We believe in transparency and fair pricing, ensuring you get the best value for every unit of energy generated.

3. Efficiency Through Technology: We leverage advanced technology to streamline our processes, reducing operational costs and allowing us to offer competitive prices without compromising quality.

4. Accurate Quotes for Maximum Savings: Without estimators visiting your home, we rely on accurate information provided by you through a simple 10-minute form. This approach ensures precision in our quotes, preventing unnecessary costs and giving you thousands in savings for your Calgary home solar panel installation. Just simply click the button get a quote to get started

5. Quality Assurance Without the High Price Tag: Our commitment to quality doesn't come with a hefty markup. We believe in delivering top-notch solar solutions without compromising your budget.

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We Make It Affordable

Embark on a journey where solar power isn't just an eco-conscious choice but also a financially savvy one. Our commitment to you includes maintaining low, predictable, and fixed rates that make solar energy not only environmentally responsible but economically sound. Beyond the initial installation, we're dedicated to ensuring that your calgary solar panels consistently provide cost-effective energy, embodying a commitment to long-term sustainability and affordability."

Calgary Solar Panels

Frequent Questions


How can solar power actually cost less than my current energy expenses?

Solar power's affordability stems from our low, predictable, and locked-in rates. By harnessing the sun's energy, we provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional power sources.

Do I have to deal with pushy salespeople or door-to-door visits?

No, we've eliminated the hassle of door-to-door sales. Eversolar believes in providing information without pressure, allowing you to make informed decisions at your own pace.

How do you ensure accurate quotes without estimators visiting my home?

We rely on your input through a simple 10-minute form. This ensures precise quotes, eliminating unnecessary expenses and providing you with the most competitive price for your solar installation.

How does Eversolar cater to the unique energy needs of the Calgary community?

As a local company, we understand the distinct requirements of Calgary. Our solutions are personalized to ensure maximum savings and efficiency for your specific environment.